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We exist in a world where crime shows no sign of decreasing. In a practical scenario where crime and humanity are existing together, we are met with a responsibility of tackling crime with a realistic potential in the form of security. With security, not only can we help deter crime, but also act proactively against it.

To give shape to the above ideas, we have tied up with well known security distributors and manufacturer in the world. We are proud to launch a complete range of security systems and devices wherein we cater to all your needs from installation, integration, maintenance, and operation of these systems for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Access Control provides the authority and intelligence you need to maintain complete integrity across the full span of your operation’s critical facilities – from single door sites to multiple entry locations across the country.  What’s more, the right system can also help ensure regulatory compliance, asset protection and deliver a healthy ROI.

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
When purchasing a CCTV system, setup, design and installation are key factors that must be considered.  What do you need the system to do? What time of day will the cameras be operating?  Is the location sunny, or shielded?  As your security partner, Security Resources works to ensure that each camera purchased is installed properly to record what you need, when you need it.

Security Alarm Systems Any comprehensive security system should factor in the effects of fire, burglary, vandalism and other unexpected occurrences. Let Security Resources’s experience guide your business to a secure and profitable future through the implementation of an industry leading security system, custom designed for your business.

Notify Alarm Monitoring delivers critical alarm information in the form of Push Message Service (SMS). Notify Alert uses Pusg messages, a fast and interactive way, to notify our user on every alarm event. The alarm  messages can be send to a set of pre-defined mobile number. Users currently subscribed to other alarm monitoring services without Push message capability may also sign up for Notify alarm monitoring. Both services may operate at the same time.

Our successful track record and a well satisfied client base is ample proof of our superior capabilities. We take equal concern in securing residential as well as commercial properties. Our top quality service has drawn laurels from a number of satisfied clients from a wide range of businesses, companies, and businesses. We will be glad to work with you on a turnkey basis as well. We are positive that you will be thoroughly satisfied with our products as well as after sales and service.